Platform Bed - Japanese Style

A Japanese platform bed is a particular style of bed that is usually lower than the average bed, sitting closer to the ground. Like other platform beds, they don't need box springs because they have solid bases to support any type of mattress. A good, affordable solution, these beds add an elegant feel to any bedroom.

One recognizable characteristic of these beds is its simplistic, uncomplicated style. The style and is supposedly inspired by the Japanese architecture and the design of pagodas.
Although the design looks very basic, these Japanese beds made of solid wood are of high quality and come in various light and dark finishes to complement any modern bedroom.

Whilst unnecessary, some people prefer to purchase tatami mats for use on the bed frame. These straw mats were used traditionally to separate people and objects from the floor - in this case, the 'floor' being the bed base.

The combination of gentle curves with straight, Zen-like lines of a Japanese bed are meant to promote well-being and healing as well as good fortune and prosperity. Lightweight and easy to assemble, the Japanese platform bed is easy to move and makes it convenient for today's contemporary living.

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