Glass House - Modern House Architecture Concept

Glass townhouses are a pair of three-story townhouses built on a narrow parcel of land in Venice, California, divided vertically with no common walls. The 3,600 ft2 building designed by Sanders Architects features a fa├žade constructed of a double covering of transparent panels and glass that bathes the interior in soft light.

Vietnamese Building Architecture - Great Building Architecture

I’ve never visited Vietnam and I don’t know much about it, but it seems that Vietnam is rapidly developing. In fact, it seems that Foster and Partners, an architectural firm based in United Kingdom is working hard on their projects in Vietnam. Foster and Partners has been founded in 1967, and during the years, it has made several amazing buildings throughout the world, and now, this company is focusing on Vietnam.Their first project in Vietnam is The VietinBank Business Centre, and just like many other projects it is made from glass and steel.

The VietinBank Business Centre consists out of two towers and a building that connects them. Towers have triangle shape and the taller one has 68 floors, and it serves as headquarters for The VietinBank Business Centre. Amazing thing about this building is that it is built in such way that it has a huge V on top of it. Second tower has 48 floors and it is a five-star hotel with spa.

Of course, a seven-story building that contains conference rooms, luxury shops, cafes, restaurants, and rooftop gardens connects the towers.These buildings look amazing, and we can only confirm that Foster and Partners did an amazing job with this one. As for the The VietinBank Business Centre, it located between Hanoi and central airport and it covers 300,000-square-metres. Once again, it’s one amazing building, so feel free to enjoy in it's pictures.

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