Dubai Islands - Paradisaical Private Island

Dubai Islands -Dubai Islands - Paradisaical Private Island

Jointly developed by Select Property & Select Group, Aquitainia is a paradisaical private island development within the major Dubai real estate project, The World. Located f our kilometres off the Dubai coastline, the Aquitainia projects encompasses the France and Spain sections of The World.
Aquitainia – The World - Dubai Palm Islands
Dubai Islands - Paradisaical Private Island
The Aquitainia development consists of contemporary luxurious residential property, as well as a boutique hotel, spa, marinas and delightful restaurants. Promoted as a destination of limitless beauty, the development takes its name from the 'galia aquitaine' of the middle ages (sandy beach region between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pyrenees). The primary objective of the development is to deliver unique island residences for discerning buyers. All of the residences are designed to provide scenic views of the Gulf and are complemented with modern architecture and the finest finishings.
The main St Tropez Marina offers boardwalk cafes and a multitude of dining and entertainment options.
L'Amour de la France
Aquitainia's development akin to France is one of magnificent vogue, contemporary character and ultra luxurious. A laid-back atmosphere contributes to the beckoning of the impressive suites and villas. There are two types of villas in the 'France' island, all of which are located along the beach front surrounding most of the island. The main Marina is available in the St.Tropez area.

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Dubai Islands - Paradisaical Private Island
The Cannes Beach Villas are built right on the beach, while the Monaco Villas are slightly further down from the dazzling sea waters. Surrounding the main marina, more residential property is available through the St Tropez suites. A series of walkways and streets are interwoven among the residential areas, providing a truly Mediterranean style to the overall architecture.

La Pasión de España
The 'Spain' development lies smack in the middle of an ocean surrounded by the West Africa, Northern parts of South America and Eastern United States developments, optimizing the potential for residents and visitors to enjoy the shorelines. Since The World project is highly vast and sophisticated, it is not strictly accurate in terms of geography, enhancing the shorelines and island areas according to the developers conceptualisation.

Barcelona, Madrid and Marbella provide a cosmopolitan ambiance, with one and two bedroom luxury suites and three bedroom penthouses as residential property.
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