Common Myths About Green Architecture

Common Myths About Green Architecture
Waste management is a waste of time.
Most waste-management practices used on job sites can help reduce tipping fees for landfilling waste. A lot of contractors have proved that construction waste management helps generate profit through recycling and saves a lot of money. Green building is a fad.

Environment-friendly materials are difficult to find.
A lot of manufacturers have learned that green products can easily capture lost profits because they can mitigate potential liabilities. Some products like linoleum, gypsum board and acoustic ceiling panels have a recyclability capacity for years. It is believed that the demand for sustainable construction products will increase as raw materials become more costly and depleted.

Homeowners are not really concerned about green architecture or green building.
In the May 2002 issue of the Environmental Building News, it was claimed that to date, there are 32 green construction initiatives being planned. A lot of universities, schools and even corporate owners continue to adopt sustainable construction following the LEED rating criteria.

Green construction is easy.
Green building consists of a holistic process which revolves the philosophy of "doing more with less."

Be mindful about green architecture myths and facts -and then your dream green home is just around the corner.

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