The Highest Skyscraper In the World - The Next Project

The Miapolis is conceived as the independent state with the large parkways and green avenues. Miapolis will represent the multipurpose skyscraper having own park of entertainments, an aquapark, an observatory, exotic restaurants, a large quantity of offices and apartments, and also a platform for a luxury panorama of Miami.

Now the project searches for investors and, judging by financial forecasts, hardly in their presence the lack will be felt. It's necessary to wish only good luck to this courageous developing.

Miami, USA

Resort in the USA

Skyscraper, Miami

«It not simply spontaneous decision», — declared the Kobi Karp Company representative. «More than ten years the project of construction of a huge building was in working out. The given project it's not simple satisfaction of architectural ambitions, it also huge economic injections in economy of Miami.

2,5 billion dollars — here the sum which by estimation will annually fill up city treasury. Besides during developing is necessary 46,000 workers, and 35,000 workplaces will appear after building of Miapolis».

Grandiose project

Miami Beach

Guillermo Socarras became the developer of the mega project, also he carries on negotiations with Federal Civil Aircraft Management of the USA about the questions, concerning admissible height of this futuristic building. "Mega-skyscraper" height, it agree the presented project, will make 975 metres, or 160 floors.

For today, the highest building in the World is the Dubai Tower under name Burj Khalifa. The skyscraper height makes 828 metres. The author of the given project is talented American architect Adrian Smith.
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