Spanish Revival Homes

The Spanish Revival is an architectural style, rather an American rendition of the original Spanish architectural styles that came into the prominence in the early part of the 20th century, with many houses being built according to that style in the states of California and Florida. The typical houses that are built on the basis of this style of architecture stands out for the fact that the designs of the doors and windows are rounded and the columns of these buildings are rounded almost 95% of the times with intricate works on the columns.

Although this style of architecture is limited to mostly the states that have some sort of a Spanish population such as Texas, California as well as Florida, the plans of the Spanish Revival homes draws their inspiration from the ancient Spanish architecture, which, in its time was considered to be among the best styles of architecture in the whole world. The heritage and almost 75% of the architectural details are drawn from the Spanish-American colonial history.

The most intriguing as well as interesting feature about this style of architecture is that they have a very high level of ornamentation, as said before. The mostly rounded columns have some level of carvings near the top and the bottom that depict the history of the Spanish people as well as the history of Christianity, from the birth of Jesus to his crucifixion and so on an so forth. There are some other truly modern carvings that depict the abstractness of the modern world.

Most of these homes built according to the architectural designs of the Spanish Revival have roofs that are tiled using red tiles as well as stuccoes that one would mostly expect to see in houses in the Mediterranean region of Western Europe. This gives the homes a very romantic appeal, something that the Spanish are known to be famous for along with their Italian counterparts.

Another important feature of these Spanish Revival homes is that the walls are very thick, which makes the interiors of the houses to be very cool indeed and hence, these buildings are just perfect for the hot and humid climate toward the south of the United States of America. The windows and doors of the typical houses that are built on this design have wrought iron hardware; the columns are very heavily carved apart from shaped, usually rounded. The floor is treated with ceramic tiles or patterned tiles that are also very typical of the styles of architecture and design used in Spain, rather in older Spanish architectures. The heavy ornamentation is very common to the house plan of the Spanish Revival and these lend the homes a very old school, classy and immensely romantic feel.
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