For Your Inspiration Design Idea - Modern Minimalist House

This is another modern and minimalist house design for your inspiration of planning your home. This house façade processed consist of playful square sectors, ordered forward and backward. One of wall part intent to made higher, like tower and decorated with wooden pergola, so become attractive accent.

Those who have the philosophy of "small but good quality" is also worth choosing a minimalist house design. Home spaces left many relief as part of the interior, and not many things so easily cleaned. Minimalist home designs continue to evolve. We also have present a new concept of minimalist design that is modern and minimalist. This design uses a modern and minimalist design collaboration. Versatile and contemporary approach to the design are preferred. Decorative element of home design is no longer rely solely on field forms such as cubes and blocks, but also other elements such as cones and cylinders.

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