Perfect Bathroom Lighting - How Do That

Lighting is a great low cost way to make your bathroom stand out when decorating. A bathroom can be transformed from a simply functional room into one with comfort and style by using well positioned vanity lights and other residential lighting fixtures. If you have been thinking about redoing your bathroom, wait until you read this article. We are here with good advice and suggestions for easy and glamorous bathroom lighting.

In the last few years, bathroom lighting has changed considerably. Homeowners can use creative lighting such as cabinet lighting, hanging lamps, vanity lights, and chandeliers as illumination in a bathroom. It is not necessary to stick to boring, run-of-the-mill residential lighting. When selecting bathroom lighting, keep in mind the color of the floor and wall tiles, the type of fixtures and accessories you have, and whether it will be necessary to install more electrical outlets. Take the time to talk with a lighting specialist who can tell you what the required wiring will be.

The light fixtures surrounding the counter and mirror are where most people begin remodeling their bathroom. You will want the light to be bright for shaving and makeup application purposes, avoiding light that causes dark, harsh shadows. For maximum effectiveness, fixtures like wall sconces should be situated on each side of the mirror at eye level. Lighting fixtures and finishes should not compete with plumbing accessories, tile, paint or wallpaper, but rather complement them. So if your vanity lights are nickel finished, then do not select lighting that has a brass or chrome finish. You want the look to be coordinated, with all the accessories and fixtures complementing one another.

Bulb choice is another important decision, just like choosing a fixture and installing it in just the right place. To illuminate vanity areas, give colored or coated bulbs a try. They are designed to enhance facial features. Search for bath fixtures that shine light downwards so heat comes out more easily from the sockets and the bulb lights shine longer. As recessed or canned lighting casts shadows across the face, it is not the best choice for the main source of lighting in a bathroom. The most flattering light is provided by fixtures with incandescent bulbs behind glass or plastic diffusers. If you prefer more energy-efficient fluorescents, select those with warm white tones. They are most similar in color to incandescent bulbs. To reduce glare, utilize frosted bulbs.

By layering your lighting, you can use it as a good tool. To provide a theatrical or old-fashioned ambiance, hanging lamps with vintage glass can be used in conjunction with vanity lights. Utilizing contemporary chandeliers with chrome lighting fixtures can make the environment look edgy and very modern. It is not necessary to spend a lot of money to have fantastic bathroom lighting. Choosing lighting fixtures that you love and that enhance your bathrooms appearance will insure a room that is both functional and beautiful.

As an architect who knows the value of first impressions, Owen Eastyn appreciates custom lighting that makes an architectural statement in an entryway. Owen recommends Hinkley's Lighting to anyone who has an idea for a custom fixture or is just looking for a wide selection at a quality Phoenix lighting store.

Perfect Bathroom Lighting - How Do That
Perfect Bathroom Lighting - How Do That
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