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Sorry haven’t been finding time to write lately thanks to mid-terms! Hence, I’ll leave you guys with this for now. It is a new architectural concept known as Dynamic Architecture where a building is able to change its shape even after construction. I watched the promotional video (below) and apart from the comprehensive technology behind it, the first thought that came to my mind was “What’s the point?? O_O??”.. and then it dawned upon me “AH! It would be perfect for the Chinese because then they won’t have to buy a new house everytime their fortune directions changed (think Feng Shui). Just rotate the house :D .. “. I wonder whether it is possible to dynamically change the interior architecture of the house as well, then we can get a new house easily everytime we get bored.

I tried searching for information online about this great “Rotating Tower” that will first be built in Dubai but couldn’t find much apart from it being opened for reservations. Maybe I’ll have time to pop over to the construction site when I visit my second home in December.

Do watch the video, contains some cool explanations of the technology behind it. This “non-green” building is more green thank you think.

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