Pisa Architecture

Pisa Architecture
Pisa is a small town with a population of less than 100,000 located in the north of Italy. Pisa is known primarily for its leaning tower; however, there are some other tourist attractions in Pisa worthy of a look round. Pisa has a long history and served as a strategic naval base during Roman times.

Pisa rose to occupy the apex in military and economic fronts during the 12th century when it was regarded as a major maritime force and trading city as a result of which the major part of its architecture could be dated back to the 12th century. We have mentioned a few of the tourist spots in Pisa below.

It is the Leaning Tower that is most famous not only in Pisa but the whole of Italy. It has acquired fame because of its deformity. Nevertheless it attracts hundreds from across the world who relish in taking pictures of the Leaning Tower.

Access inside the leaning tower of Pisa is constricted due to safety consideration though it is possible to gain entrance if you arrive early enough in the day before the daily quota of people allowed inside the tower has been hit. Admission to the leaning tower of Pisa costs 15 and it's best to reserve your place in advance.

The baptistery in Pisa is where the most of residents in medieval Pisa would have been baptised into the Christian faith. The initial structure of the baptistery in Pisa dates back to the 12th century though it was not fully finished until two hundred years later.

As a consequence this piece of architecture in Pisa is very beautiful as it embraces both Romanesque and Gothic influences. Once inside the baptistery you can find the pool-like shape carved out in the middle of the building which would have been filled with water and into which people would have been submerged as part of the baptism process.

The Cathedral in Pisa is an excellent example of Romanesque architecture that is so typical of the Tuscany region of Italy.

The building dates back to the 11th century and the grandiose interior is held up by 68 columns. Aesthetic highlights of a visit to Pisa Cathedral consists of the green and white marble interiors. Entrance to this sightseeing site in Pisa costs 2.

For those wanting to do some sightseeing in Pisa at a more comfortable pace, there are boat tours available that travel down the River Arno from which most of Pisa's sights can be viewed. Tickets cost about 5.
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