World Architecture - Architectural Landscape Lighting

World Architecture - Architectural Landscape Lighting
World Architecture - Architectural Landscape Lighting
Architectural landscape lights should work to unite the manmade and the natural in a manner that is compliant with regulatory codes and affordable for your clients. While landscape lighting represents a focus on illuminating and magnifying points of interest in the natural scenery, architectural landscape lighting creates the sense that buildings and technology are in harmony with Nature and establishes a more unified presentation to anyone viewing the facility at night.

Developing an architectural landscape lighting system that will remain true to this intention without costing additional money down the line requires a great deal of planning and research. You will have to determine all the necessary photometric requirements of the system, locate specification grade equipment made in the United States by manufacturers who emphasize quality over quantity, and be willing to use pioneering technologies that many of your clients may not yet understand, but can quickly be educated in if you can just find the time and resources to show them all the benefits you can bring to their table.

For example, one of the most costly components in any architectural landscape lighting system has always been any type of incandescent luminaire, such as a quartz floodlight, that consumes too much electricity in comparison to the light it produces. Not only does this waste money, it violates recent dark sky laws in most places, and it also results in ongoing replacement costs as they fixtures inevitably burn out. Newer fixtures that rely upon electronically ballasted fluorescent lamps, improved HID sources, and now LED light bars deliver a better quality of lighting and comply fully with the recent crackdown on light pollution.

By investing now in specification grade architectural landscape lights, you can save your clients money on excessive energy bills and help them avoid a possible parts shortage that could hit those who wait until the last minute to replace mercury vapor and incandescent lamps. Instead, propose to them architectural landscape lights that feature fluorescent lamps and ballast controls with superb CRI, LED's that can save as much as 80% on power consumption, and HIDs featuring higher than ever LPW efficiency rating, you generate savings that translates into ROI and recession proofing the Spartan budgets of a very cautious and somewhat nervous customer base. You can do this too without sacrificing the visual component of the system as well. Our new generation of architectural landscape lights not only performs better than the previous generation of technology, but it actually features more attractive, diversified and decorative fixture housings in a variety of fixture housings and finishes heretofore unimagined.

RLLD Commercial Lighting's inventory includes everything from decorative fluorescent bollards, post mounted lights, LED Street lighting for industrial parkways and private thoroughfares, super energy saving low voltage landscape lights of every variety, and HID floodlights that can output more light with less energy than ever. All of our lighting fixtures, without exception, are made by world-class US manufacturers who produce them in domestic factories located within our borders. Because our sources are exclusively American, we ensure both quality and compliance and also pass on manufacturers' warranties unavailable to cheaper parts procured from overseas channels.

One additional benefit we deliver to both small and large companies alike is supportive, adjunct lighting design services with every purchase of architectural landscape light fixtures. We have invested a great deal of money in proprietary lighting design software that enables us to calculate the precise photometric requirements for optimal foot candle density and directional lighting control that you need to build a truly winning proposal. By nailing down the technical and regulatory details first, we can then help you focus on finding fixtures and accessories that add aesthetic value to your client's location. This in turn enables you to creating an architectural landscape lighting system that is customized to the exact parameters of your client's site and guaranteed to perform reliably with a minimum of maintenance for years to come.

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