Indian Architecture | World Architecture

Indian Architecture | World Architecture
Indian Architecture | World Architecture

History has a lot of proof about our original art and architecture. The olden era highly patronized art forms. Architecture was the chief skill of many artists. The rulers also had a penchant for palatial residence and multiple dwellings which gave a lot of opportunity for artists to explore their contemporary works. With each era the architecture and style changed as per the rulers. The Moguls brought in a lot of change and the Taj Mahal is an example of their idea of aesthetic architecture in its finest forms.

The temples of Khajuraho are the original format of stone sculpture that goes about telling the story as per Hindu mythology. Temple architecture is also related to geography. The Nagara style is the replication of certain structures found in the temples of Madhya Pradesh which makes a great impression in its stylized creation. The alluring colors in green, red, orange and blue are very typical of the gopura temple architecture of Tamil Nadu. This is accentuated with lots of images of Gods and Goddesses.

Wooden idols are also a feature of sculpture work in the temples of South India. Many temples in Kerala have the cave temples of Shiva and Shakti which is beautified with the artistic lamps in the natural style of lighting. The stone carvings are highly authentic and it is amazing to see the temples retain its luster for so many years. The Hoysala art and the innovations brought in by artists during the Chola dynasty are distinct and remarkable.

With many improvements in the architectural elements and show casing, a lot of change is now felt in the Indian architecture. Though there are different schools of thought in the architecture, one can see a lot of contemporary style juxtaposed with modern concepts. Art schools also include in-depth exploration of the original styles in Indian architecture which is well adopted my upcoming architects.

Urban buildings, clubs are also the styles in modern architecture are undertaken by established architects who conform to the requirements of city dwelling. Preserving monuments and other architectural pieces like forts and dams is carried on a large scale by the Government to retain our rich heritage.

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