Architectural 3D Rendering becomes vital process to understand different forms in to visual manners. Conceptual phases like interior, exterior, floor plan and interactive rendering can be evaluated by 3D rendering.

Visualization is the key of success in today's architectural world. Architectural 3D rendering is the most important technique used for visualization. 3D rendering is used to convert different forms in to a visual manner and that allow users to view future building on computer. Basically in architectural rendering you can view all moving objects on computer so one can easily change the design or can solve the error. It plays integral role to understand challenging and complex architectural data.

It is used in various phases like interior design view, exterior design view, 3D floor plan design and interactive rendering. Architects are making 3D models for better interior views and that allow user to select proper lighting, textures, wall paints and furniture arrangements. For conceptual exterior design of building like shadow, parking and lightings, the 3D exterior models are used.

Flooring design must be selected properly as once it set up in building then it will make high cost for changing. So to avoid this problem, industry has developed 3D floor plan design. In 3D floor plan model user can easily view the selected design from all angles and can change it accordingly. So architectural rendering can apply in many ways and it allows applying your ideas for various purposes. So for those grateful advantages it becomes significant process for architect industry.

Rendering plays crucial role in the development of architectural design and pre visualization. For architects, the main purpose is to show how the future building or interior space will look. So rendering is become vital process in selling of projects to buyers or designers. This technique presents accurate product to architects and designers.

Here some advantages of architectural 3D rendering are described:

• It provides multiple solutions from resolving design issues
• Provides pre visualization of new architectural designs
• Flythrough and Walkthrough animated presentation
• Architectural plans from design to documentation

Various Indian based firms are offering low cost rendering services so apart from this it become easy to outsource. By outsourcing rendering projects one can easily grown up business and save cost and precious time.

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