Modern Architectural Wonders | World Architecture

Modern Architectural Wonders | World Architecture
Time flows on without any stop. "The old order changeth, yielding place to new."
The great cities like Mohenjo-Daro, Indraprastha, Babylon, and the great
architectural building like the Pentagon (the world's largest office building by
floor area), World Trade Centre (the twin 110-story towers), are all gone, and
new cities and architecture are growing up in their stead. With the passing of
time, the concept and patterns of architectural industry is rapidly changing.
Every era has its own style and ideology which are reflected onto the
architecture developed and designed in that era. When the world moved into the
21st century, architecture industry reached new heights. With dramatic
innovations in engineering and technology, the modern era is witnessing growing
numbers of skyscrapers and wonderful architectures around the world.
Architectural Evangelist discovers seven iconic modern architectures which
beguile tourists around the world.

Drivers of the Change:

During the Middle Ages, architects and engineers realized the possibility of
constructing building with dazzling height. But, poor technology could not
transform their imaginative ideas into reality. The continuous advancements in
technology and software in modern era are transferring their long-desired
visions into reality. Dramatic improvements in window systems and photovoltaic
system have made architects and designers to build "Net Zero Energy" buildings
with spectacular heights. 3D-4D Building Information Modeling has brought a
paradigm shift in the AEC industry. It helps not only to design a home building,
but provides an end-to-end construction process, addressing the
constructability, coordinating the process, and identifying clashes much before
the actual construction begins. The drivers of changes are the followings:

(1) Economic Development
(2) Advancement in Technology and Engineering
(3) Connotation of Pride and Achievement
(4) Stiff Competition
(5) The Skyscraper Race
(6) Sign of Power
(7) Creativity of Modern Architects

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