Retail for lessi | World Architecture

Stage 1: Initial Encounter -- Entry

"Today, in our all consuming, all-pervading culture, when we purchase a product we are buying into the brand. The building, the logo, the advertising, the fashion model, even the shop assistants, in addition to the products themselves, all tie up this thing called 'image' or brand........."

'Alessi' is seem a dream factory supplies home and living products. It has perfected a way of mediating between the world of design and the market that allows them to create objects in which poety, creativity,culture, sincerity,comtemporaneity and design excellence all combine.

Design intent: The idea of the entry is the beginning of the hierarchy architecture. The overall shape creates by different size of the plates, which on the wall and under the floor. Especially these lighting square boxes under the floor like a journey symbol to lead customs to walk through in the 'maze' retail. They make people become more curious and desirous to discovery what will be happened inside of the 'maze' retail................

Retail for lessi | World Architecture
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